Acharya Priti Bhargava I felt so comfortable asking you questions and you actually listened! There is such a peaceful and deliciously comfortable feeling to your voice, your tone is at once deeply knowledgeable and yet humble. I feel very at peace now with my life, the direction I am going and the knowledge that in the near future, a more dynamic energy will manifest and I will then be able to manifest my vision…. You are in a class of your own, I have talked with other astrologers some famous some not, and have been quite disappointed in their knowledge preparation and delivery. I feel that you are evolved enough in your own development to be a source of inspiration and strength to others on an emotional and spiritual level. Again, thank you and I do plan to ask you for readings for my family members and friends. Love and joy,

Jenna Crawford

There is more insight in your Astrology Report than the ones we have in the US.

Rachael Indra

Hi Acharya Priti Bhargava,
My opinion of your service and commitment – they are unbeaten, I have found you to provide the best possible service, through sheer excellence, that you purvey in your god given talent, of interpreting the stars. I would and am more than happy to let people know of your service, and have already told all my friends how profound your readings are. Please, please, please don’t ever stop. Again many thanks for all your help and assistance on many a matter!! I look forward to experiencing your expertise for as many years as you allow.

Jessica Morgan

Acharya Priti Bhargava your predictions are succinct, bold, certain and accurate – sometimes even to the date and time! I have never relied upon a horoscope before yours. Practical, insightful and straightforward I am astonished by how true-to-life your readings are. Never ‘airy fairy’, I feel grounded by what you write at a time when there is much uncertainty for me


Before writing anything I would like to appreciate you as you are a great personality in terms of Astrology.

Kavita Banerjee

Acharya Priti Bhargava is a powerful and soothing presence with tremendous insight and laser-beam intuition! The sessions I had went above and beyond anything I had ever experienced in the realm of astrological readings. She helped me identify a template to orient myself for now and the future. I felt that the readings were so much more than just an explanation of my natal chart–they were a transmission of the psychology behind the alignments!

Anjali Dutta

Your report is very accurate and I commend you on your accuracy.

Ashok Sahani

Your Astrology Report is grand. I complement you on adding new features like Remedial measures and Gem Therapy


My friends and I had gone through your web page and it was marvelous it is so good and one of the best astrological pages I have ever seen. congrats

Manoj Kumar Pugulia

Dear Acharya Priti Bhargava,
It was very nice meeting you. You predicted that, Aug 2008 onwards, there will be good opportunities & there will be career growth. You also told me that i will get a chance to work with a well known and large scale company, and yes! I got a job offer from one of the best companies in India in mid Aug 2008 and now I am working with them. Thank you very much for your support and suggestions. I can definetly say that your prediction turned out to be accurate.

Medha Gupta

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