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Pitra Dosha Remedy (₹750/-)

Pitra Dosh is not the curse of our ancestors or forefathers. It is a Karmic Debt of the ancestors which needs to be paid by the person affiliated with Pitru Dosh in the natives’ horoscope. In simple words, a Pitru Dosh is formed in the horoscope of a person, when his/her forefathers have committed any mistakes, crimes or sins in their life journey. So in return, the person is deemed to pay the Karmic debt by experiencing different punishments decided for those debts in different spheres of life. The person has to go through this until the debt is cleared either by taking the punishment or by replacing it with performing good actions.


Astrology has a perfect explanation for this problem. When, knowingly or unknowingly, our ancestors committed mistakes or sins in their lives, it is all reflected in our horoscope as Pitru Dosh or Pitru Rina. Being their children, we are destined to suffer from those ill-effects. Moreover, because of the malefic effects of the inflicted planets, benefic planets also stop giving favorable results. Get answers to all your Pitra Dosha related queries on Vedic Astrology.

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