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Manglik Dosha : Effect & Remedies (₹750/-)

Manglik Dosha is defined by the position of mars in some particular houses in one's horoscope. We are already familiar that the word  Kuja means the planet Mars [Mangala Graha]. So the term, Kuja Dosha would mean a fault or trouble created by the planet Mars. Though Mars can create many types of problems in a chart, by it's lordship and placement, but  Kuja  Dosha actually refers to the problem created by Mars in respect of marital life. For the present time social structure, it creates problems in relationship as well. Kuja Dosha is also called Manglik , Manglik Dosha , Mangal Dosha , Bhauma Dosha etc.


Know what are the remedies/upays through yantras / gemstones / puja.

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