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Love And Marriage Prospect (₹1000/-)

Everyone says marriages are made in heaven and certainly as far as astrology is concerned that is absolutely true. The planets, stars and heavenly bodies do have an impact on your marriage, even love marriages. Your birth chart indicates clearly whether you will have a Love Marriage or an Arranged Marriage. If you are in a relationship and want to know if that will translate into marriage then this is mentioned in your birth chart.


Arranged marriage and Love marriage have been part of Indian society for thousands of years. Arranged marriages have been part of our rich culture where the parents of the boy and girl make the final decision. During this process the Janam Kundalis are also matched. Nowadays no one wants to spend their lives with the partner chosen for them by someone else. They prefer to fall in love and spend time with each other and understand nature and if they can get along for the rest of their lives.


Romance is the sweetest gesture of true love. But it is also important to strike the right balance. Know more about your romantic side and how good can it get. When will you find true love? What kind of a partner will you get? Will love extend to marriage? Is your marriage love or arranged? Get answers to queries on love and romance.


Whether this wish will be fulfilled is very easy to predict with Love Marriage astrology. Your Kundali has clear signs that will tell if you are going to have a Love or Arranged Marriage. Get answers to all your queries on Vedic Astrology.

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