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Karam Kand / Puja Consultation (₹1000/-)

Human life is a true example of problems and obstacles. There is no moment when a person is completely tension free. Both the Human body and mind have to be cleansed from time to time to make our life stress free.


According to our revered sages of ancient times, these problems and obstacles are a result of our own Karma. Like the way the events of our Birth and Death are destined by our Karma, the same way our journey and obstacles in life are destined by our Karma.


We can gain insight into our Karma through Astrology while Karamkand or Puja in turn helps remove all the ill-effects of ones Karma and achieve salvation. Karamkand allows us to seek the divine blessings for good health, wealth, and prosperity in life. As your personal guide, we undertake this important task of yours with utmost sincerity and responsibility, applying our full expertise in Vedic Astrology, to help provide life solutions to you and bring you closer to a Positive Future!

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