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Jupiter & Saturn Reading (₹2100/-)

Jupiter is the karaka (significator or ruler) of expansion & growth in your life. He rules over your fortune, children, marriage, wealth and monetary gains.


Saturn is the karma planet, ruling over your karma bhava - the house of profession. The combination of these two planets plays a very significant role in your life, if your horoscope has this conjunction. Like wise, in transit whenever these two planets have come into the same house, a new world order has been created. Historically, in the last 100 years, the Jupiter-Saturn combination has occurred in the following years -


In 1941 - in the sign of Aries

In 1961 - in the sign of Capricorn

In 1980 - in the sign of Virgo

In 2000 - in the sign of Aries

In 2020 - in the sign of Capricorn


Major developments took place worldwide in these years and they have affected the mankind on a macro as well as micro level. In your life, you can recall the events that have over occurred these years, particularly in 1980 & 2000.


Thus, this is an important juncture of life for each one of us, where we would be pulled towards creating a difference, but would need guidance & patient treading. The overall & composite effects of Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter & Saturn in your horoscope would decide the turn of events would be positive or not. This reading would help you with the opportunities and the changes that you can’t foresee today, but they will have to be carefully worked upon to create a world that you have envisioned. Get answers to these questions through Vedic Astrology.

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