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What is Kundli Dosha and how does it Form in a Birth Chart?


A dosha as we understand in general terms is a flaw or shortcoming in something desirable. A Janam Kundli Dosha shows a lack of something. For e.g. a native may lack marital bliss or a stable career or good health or anything. All these flaws can be attributed as doshas in kundli. Not only this, but when we don't get the desired results even after putting best of our efforts or face frequent failures in life, then also the underlying cause is kundli dosha. There is no person on this Earth whose kundli is free from any kind of dosha. One may easily check kundli doshas by providing basic birth details at our website.


A kundli dosha is simply a malefic placement of the planets in a birth chart. Whenever any planet is under the influence of malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars then a dosha is formed in our kundli.


A kundli dosha is also formed due to the placement of the planets in bad houses. However, kundli dosha can be formed through the placement in Kendra or trikona houses as well depending upon the planet and associated influence.


Get our Horoscope Dosha and Remedies enabling you to know any malefic combination of planetary alignments present in your horoscope called Doshas, and to get rid of Doshas such as Kaal Sarp Dosh, Pitra Dosha, etc, and to find the actual astrological remedial measures after analyzing thoroughly your birth chart by Vedic Astrology.

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