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Extra Marital Affair (₹2100/-)

Marriage starts with a lot of excitement & hope for a good marriage life. The essential foundation of a happy married life, be it Love or arranged marriage, is trust between the couple and respect for each other. In India, it includes respect for each other's families also.


Love and Romance is very beautiful but when it happens outside of Marriage, it can destroy the married life. Actually people used to be involved in extramarital relation in earlier days also but the numbers were small, nowadays infidelity has increased to a large extent. With the men/women becoming more financially independent, getting more social exposure with increasing use of internet it is very easy to fall in a relationship. But we must understand that any kind of romance out side of marriage is not welcome in our traditional society. No body wants a cheating spouse and Loyalty is one of the very important factor in any relationship.


Can we see secret relationship from a birth chart


Yes, one can see secret relationships from a birth chart. But let me tell you, a small check on this aspect can put all such apprehensions to rest to the extent human efforts in astrology can be genuine. And this check to see secret relationship lies embedded in any birth chart. There are many such factors which are seen in astrology to rule out chances of secret relationship or extra marital affairs post-marriage from your birth details. So Lets try to understand Secret Love affairs in astrology. Get answers to these questions through Vedic Astrology.

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