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Astrological Remedies(₹1000/-)

Problems are reduced / removed by effective astral treatment & remedies i.e. propitiatory, charities for concerning malefic planets & strength provided to weak benefic planets. The importance of time, which means the planetary influences at a particular point of time and at a particular place has always been recognized since ancient times. The references have been found in the Hindu scriptures, Islamic literature, Shakespearean era and the New Testament. It is also firmly believed that the potency of a work performed increases thousand of times and its efficacy also increases when that particular task is performed at the appropriate time of the day and in a particular season. Different planets represent the various colors. To provide strength to the weak birth (natal) planets, the divine science of astrology recommends use of gemstones as part of jyotish/astral remedies for the unfavorable planets at a particular auspicious time.

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