"I believe in the power of karma, the power of efforts. Man is the creator of his own destiny and astral sciences are there to guide him in doing the right karma at the right time."

"Success means - right guidance at the right time. And this is what I give my clients and followers. I do not teach them to walk, I just show them the direction in which they must move."

Dasha Effect & Remedies

A Dasha is a planetary period in Jyotisha, the classical system of astrology in India. Dashas provide a system to judge the effects of the planets throughout a person's life, by indicating how the planets distribute their effects throughout a lifetime. Each dasha is controlled by one planet, and the quality and relative benevolence of each period is determined by the condition and position of that planet in the natal chart.

There are nine planets or grahas which may rule dashas: the seven classical planets known to the ancients, plus the north node Rahu and south node Ketu of the Moon.

What is the Mahadasha/Antardasha you are going through ? What is its effect and what are the upaay or remedies to be followed ? Get these answers here

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